Nicole Beaver has been artistic and poetic since she was little. She learned the most about art in grade school, such as “how to paint from within” from her fourth-grade teacher. She also went to Lakeview Art Museum in Peoria, Illinois, during a few summers when she was growing up. She did her undergraduate work at several colleges and a university. She now works from her studio, at home, in Illinois. As an adult, she is disabled due to Multiple Sclerosis. She enjoys working with acrylics alone or mixing them with multimedia elements to emphasize her emotions. Sometimes her subjects come from politics or humanity’s need for old-fashioned morals and values.

In 2012, she showed one piece of “found things” at the opening events of the Peoria Riverfront Museum, hosted by the Central Illinois Artists Association. She was listed as an Artist in the book “Art Lives in Central Illinois.”

X: @777beaver